5 Unavoidable Reasons Why Men want to Marry Russian Women

Russia is famous for its vodka but if there is one thing about Russia that doesn’t get the kind of recognition it deserves are its people; especially its women. Russian women are a class apart; a unique beauty. Feminine yet rogue, their tastes are simple yet exquisite. There is something intriguingly beautiful about their personas that it keeps luring people back asking for more. 

A very big misconception associated with Russian women is the concept behind the whole "mail order bride” business. Unlike popular perception, not all Russian women are looking to sell themselves across the seven oceans for money. 

Mass generalization has contributed to building up this horrible image of Russia when the truth could not be farther from it. Russian women are fierce to say the least. Strong, powerful and confident; here’s why Russian women make ideal wives. 

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She’s Straightforward
When it comes to dealing with other people’s nonsense, Russians are not here for it. Never have been, never will be. If you date a Russian girl, know that she is a tough cookie. Regardless of what the conditions are, she will never let down her guard or ever give anyone the right to walk over her. When it comes to confrontation, there is no one more straightforward than them. Whatever it is that may be bothering them about you, know that she will come to you and let you know exactly what it is that is on her mind because she is not one who delves in keeping things to herself and brooding or worse, talking behind one’s back. 
Whilst this approach seems somewhat aggressive to some, they soon realize that this attitude develops over years and years of questioning and raising their voice against authority. The struggle to survive makes a person tough and that is exactly what a Russian woman personifies. 

Some consider their approach ruthless and upfront, but the truth is that she really does not find petty issue to be important enough for her to waste her energy on. If you’re not one for nonsense and keeping things straightforward, you are in good hands because Russian women are everything but complicated like that. 

Russian women have exquisite
She’s Tough
She is one who has grit. When it comes to surviving, there is no beating a Russian lady. Her will power and perseverance can move mountains. Be it dealing with harsh conditions professionally, personally or even in day to day life, rest assured there is no one that can endure as much as a Russian woman can. And the best part of it all is that she will never make a big deal out of it. She will walk out of every storm whilst maintaining a cool and calm demeanor; that is the true sign of endurance. 

After living under strong authority, these women have learned to stand up for their rights. Always remember: never try to play a Russian lady because if you do, you are asking for trouble. Not only will she deal with her troubles like a champion, but she will also manage to make you regret your decision to play with her emotions and time like that. 

She’s Opinionated
Voicing opinions is not an easy task and frankly is something not everyone is good at. There are often times when we are caught up deeply in a mesh of thoughts and we often fail to find the words to express that feeling of being overwhelmed and basically at a loss for words. 

When met with a situation such as this, Russian women choose to voice whatever it is that they are feeling regardless of the outcome. Although this approach is not ideal in many situations but the approach towards dealing with whatever life throws at you head on by making sure that you are heard and that your opinion is taken into consideration is refreshing to say the least. 

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Her passion, zeal and drive to make sure that she is not ignored always makes her stand out in the crowd. Regardless of what she is thinking or feeling, if she cares about you, rest assured, she will be fiercely loyal to you. 

She’s Fun
Russian women know how to have fun. When it comes to having a good time, there is no better partner to get down with than them. This doesn’t apply only to the times when you want to party. In fact, this works in the case of family as well. If you want your parents to meet a Russian girl, there is a very high chance that if she has won over their hearts, she will make sure to care for them the same way you do. 

Owing to their strong emotional affiliation to everyone around them, Russian women are not afraid to show the world how they feel. Want to go out on a night about town? Your girlfriend or wife is the best person to party with. This unique balance of two very different roles is what makes Russian women so unique and so incredibly beautiful. 

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She’s Smart
This one is a no brainer because Russians are literally the pioneers in the world of space travel, art, history, writing and whatnot. When a person is raised in a way to believe that whatever they long to have in life must be earned, they make sure to make every penny count by working to the bone. Be it nice clothes, jewelry, books, anything; they will work for it. Not to forget, Russian women have exquisite taste in fashion. 
Self-expression is an art and when it comes to Russian women, fashion is their art and self-expression. They believe that if you work for it, you deserve to flaunt it. 

Russian women are truly hustlers in every sense of the word. Work hard, play hard, is the most ideal phrase that fits perfectly on their persona. The epitome of grace, elegance, raw and effortless beauty, Russian women are truly anyone’s best bet.