Best foreign dating sites in 2017


Best foreign dating sites in 2017

Are you interested in meeting exotic women from other countries?  In 2017, because of the advanced Internet, we are very lucky to live in an era when everybody can meet anybody online!  Indeed, we are spoiled by so many online dating sites that introduce singles to each other.  But the question is: Which foreign dating sites are the best in 2017?


International dating is not mainstream at the moment, so if you join a random mainstream dating website, chances you are won’t meet a foreign woman.  As a result, you would be well-advised to join a foreign dating site that specifically introduces foreign women to you because there is a difference between women in general and qualified women!  In your case, foreign women are considered qualified women.  Therefore, as long as you know what you want, you are more likely to get what you want - you have clarified what you want and now you start to pay attention to the right woman of your dreams.

 So let’s have a look at the best foreign dating sites in 2017.

1. is probably the world’s largest international dating website on the market.  Although it was founded four years ago, it has already become the most popular international dating agency in the world.  It has a vibrant Facebook page with thousands of active followers.  Every day, this site posts a wealth of useful information on Facebook, so make sure you follow them on Facebook and see what value this site can add to your life.

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* This site focuses on serious, long-term relationships only, so there is no casual hookup here.

* High-quality service and custom care meet customers’ expectations when using this site.

* Your privacy and online security are ensured.  All transactions are safe, guaranteed. 

* Customer care team are available 24/7.

* Most of their female members have a Verified Profile, which means she has been interviewed by their local representative who has verified her identity and passport details, and carried out background checks and any other verification necessary.


* None! (That’s right.  I rarely give any online dating site 100 out of 100.  But I have to say is the best foreign dating site that I’ve ever seen!)

2. is a popular foreign dating site because Ukrainian brides are the most sought-after among all women in the world.  This dating agency was founded 13 years ago in Ukraine, and has helped thousands of singles to find love since then.




* Women of all ages can be found on this site, ranging from 18-year-old girls to 48-year-old mature women.

* There are many active Ukrainian girls online, so you can chat with them any time.

* Beautiful interface which is easy to navigate.  It is a user-friendly website.

* Free dating advice is offered.

* Women on this site look very genuine because the site’s homepage only have real women’s photos rather than models’ pictures.

* You can meet women from countries other than Ukraine as well because this site is available all over the world.  For instance, if you want to meet Russian women, this site is also great.

* New singles’ photos are listed on a particular page, so you can see which women have just joined this site and contact them.


* It doesn’t look very handy on a smart phone, so you may need to use it on a desktop for ideal effect.

3. is a perfect mobile dating app for western men who are interested in meeting and dating Russian ladies.  Their database consists of thousands of intelligent, attractive and outgoing Russian beautieswho are looking for real connections and create meaningful relationships with foreign men.  With years of knowledge in creating successful matches, this app has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to matchmaking.  Thousands of new members join this site on a daily basis and still manages to make sure the process is simple, easy, fun and successful.

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* If you don’t know how to find the right Russian girl, this site can help you make it happen.

* You can meet both Russian women and Ukrainian women via this app.

* The design is streamlined - simple and chic.

* Very easy to use on your smart phone (both iPhone and Android phone).

* Because this app is growing really fast, more and more single ladies from Ukraine and Russia are joining it every day.


* It’s relatively new, so it still needs some time to see its performance and more comprehensive feedback.