Hookup Russian girls: enjoy your Moscow adventure

Why did Russian brides hunting turn into Russian hookups hunting?

It is already a steadily formed stereotype that Russian women are a wife material. When this truth was first discovered, there was a boom of western tourists flooding Russian cities.

At that time, Russian girls were a perfect alternative to completely materialistic and feminist western women. Quiet, smiling, loving, and very domestic Russian wives became a desirable catch.

But, times are changing fast. After decades of USSR disintegration, Russian women finally learned to enjoy their freedoms and became active, fearless hookup seekers.

From western men’s side, things changed as well. Here are the main factors that forced them to marry Russian girls in 1990s and 2000s, instead of just having sex with them:

·      The most frequent argument was the senselessness of travelling so far away and crossing three oceans for one-night-stand if it’s so available in a man’s homeland.

·      Lots of men really needed a stable partner and assistant in their everyday routine. Russian women’s beauty came as a nice bonus, and marriage was the only way to make them stay in the US. Sounded pretty practical as well.

·      Men had all the reasons to be afraid of customs and pitfalls of a strange country, one of the most hard-drinking countries in the world. In other words, they didn’t want to have any problems with Russian men, Russian police, or Russian robbers.

Today in 2019, all these factors lost their relevance. The most interesting thing happened to a long-distance factor. After taking some trips to Russia or Ukraine, western men really liked it there.

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It appeared that beaches of Sochi and Odessa are cheap and beautiful, The Bolshoi Theatre and Opera House are simply majestic, hotels and apartments are very modern and neat.

It suddenly made sense to come to Russia or Ukraine for business, for a vacation, for a romantic tour that has all chances to turn into a sex tour. How awesome is that?

As to the marriage factor being a bureaucratic necessity, with the flow of time, Russian and Ukrainian women got much more possibilities for active travelling, including financial and juridical ones.

Being keen on staying abroad, girls started to find opportunities for studying, volunteering, working in the US or UK, sometimes asking men about necessary help.

Romantic relationships eventually turned into a mutually profitable deal when a man is getting intimacy, cooking, cleaning of whatever he needed, and a girl is getting a new life.

But it’s now difficult to find even one western man who would be interested in one Russian woman only. It is much more logical to travel there for many adventures in line, not only one.

Finally, Russia and Ukraine became considerably safer even in conditions of localized civil war in Donetsk and Lugansk. People started to live better, earn more, and count on their own forces.

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Ironically enough, the news in Ukraine which is still considered a poor country with low salaries, are constantly telling about a half million UAH or more that have been stolen from a car or a house.

Such amounts of money are rarely stolen in prosperous America, but it happens almost every night in modest Ukraine the streets of which are flooded with Lexus, Aston Martin, and Tesla cars.

So basically, if you aren’t carrying a bunch of cash with you or five Apple Macbooks, you’re safe. Way safer than in Venezuela or even Mexico. Also, local guys aren’t protective of women.

If you follow the most common safety rules, like in any other country, and do not try to pickup a girl whose drunk boyfriend is right near, you’ll be completely ok in Russia and Ukraine.



Where to find Russian hookup girls?

Although many ofEastern European women want to find a husband abroad, they don’t mind to try something short-term prior to their serious search or in a middle of it.

Of course, not all of them exactly plan hookups, in most of cases it takes place spontaneously. As you probably know, Russian women are unexpected and spontaneous enough to let it happen.

Anyways, they can be found anywhere: on Russian hookup apps, at local nightclubs, and even on serious marital sites. You just have to know how to recognize the hookup girls.

·      Go-go dancers can be frequently met on Russian dating apps. No matter how badly a go-go girl wants to get married and have kids, she’ll remain available for casual sex. As more years she’s in the industry, as bigger the index of availability is. It just becomes a lifestyle and it’s very hard to change it at once. Well, good for you!

·      Webcam girls can be divided into two categories, a part of them works only virtually and have their own life. Another part of Russian webcam girls considers meetings in real as well. You can recognize them by their self-promotion of escort services.

·      Cougar women on Russian dating apps. They look chic, openly sexy, and their confident face expression reflects some kind of social status. They date for fun. The main advantage of this category is that Russian businesswomen do not expect a reward and can pay for themselves, especially if you can play a young toyboy for one night.

·      Instagram models aka Sugar babies can be met on any platforms as well. Some years ago they used to only accept gifts from men keeping them on a distance, but now many of them chose to go further and consider all options without an exception. They call this something like harvesting and invest a lot into their appearance for it.

·      Single mothers usually want to make a decent impression and register on marital sites, as more as they indeed need a father for their kid. But in fact, the majority of them are exhausted to survive from day to day and they don’t mind any kind of entertainment. They are more than happy with romantic courtship and nice promises, but they are equally happy to have a getaway with a foreign man and enjoy anti-stressful sex.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to meet a hookup girl in Ukraine or Russia, so many that some of them aren’t even noticed and realized. While you want to gather all peaches!


A big number of modern hookup apps and Russian dating sites makes all kinds of encounters possible, so one can keep his hands pretty busy catching all horny Russian women online.


The nuances of Russian hookup: what should you know?

Russian women are passionate and brave. These two main qualities differ them, for example, from modest and submissive Asian women. They can make a first step, and they will moan loud.

Some men aren’t adapted to such an expressive behaviour of so-called best wives of Eastern Europe, so they consider them vulgar. But it’s not so! They are just being true women, somewhat wild.

Other men are happy to deal with this kind of sexuality and can’t get enough. We’d share a secret about such women, they still hope for some stability deep in their mind.

They really open more with every encounter with the same man since their passion greatly depends on trust. So we’d recommend to have casual relationships yet lasting for several weeks.

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This time is efficient for revealing a woman’s potential in a bed and trying all new things with her. So it’s really more amusing than one-night-stands only.

Another hint is connected with erotic gifts. You can present them when you aren’t sure a woman understood your intentions correctly, and you’re afraid to get nothing from her.

However, Russian women are quite selective regarding lingerie or other erotic items, they’ll find you cheap and funny if you present an average Chinese stuff or confuse the measurements.

The best sex advice ever is to get them Victoria’s Secret. This brand of lingerie is very well known in Russia and Ukraine, but it’s either too costly or unavailable.

Girls know it is considered fancy and trendy, so they’ll definitely appreciate your efforts and try to find out as soon as possible whether you are as skilled lover as your gift promises.