Russian wife vs American wife: perspectives for the 2020

Russian brides as a social phenomenon

Russian wives remain the most desirable option for western singles, and it isn’t going to change. They’re just too attractive, too classy, too dedicated to their family duties.

However, it makes no sense to just endlessly compliment them in this article, it’s much more helpful to analyze how much Russian dating process changed for last decades, and why.

For this analysis, we’ll apply the unusual method that is rarely used on Russian dating blogs based on a two-way commitment in a relationship, not only women’s commitment.

And that’s a healthy position because all books about marriage, both Christian and motivational ones that come from psychologists, teach us to put mutual efforts.

So why it should be different in case of international dating and Russian mail order brides ordering? We’ll examine western men’s reasoning and Slavic girls’ point of view as well.



Financial dependence of the girls

Everything has its light and dark sides, as well as Russian women’s poverty. On one hand, it allows western men feel like kings and protective gentlemen, so it’s quite pleasant.

On another hand, some of them are growing arrogant due to the girls’ dependence, and start to behave a bit shitty. Who does ever consider this factor when blaming Russian girlfriends?

Such situations cannot happen between American boyfriend and American girlfriend, for example. We aren’t saying all American women are rich, but they have another mentality.

It isn’t their strong belief anymore that a man is the main provider in a family and a family leader. We all know about a huge feminist movement in western countries.

American society is still conservative enough for being family based, which effect is greatly supported by TV propaganda and the system of laws. However, women get too selfish.

Years ago, it already became normal to sign a contract where only a wife earns in case of divorce, even if she was a cheater. Also it’s normal to put a full custody on a man.

So, in almost any case, a man eventually loses after marrying an American woman. Can these negative consequences be compared to men’s fears that Russians are only after the Green card?

This fear is actually connected with women of many other nationalities, such as Mexican, Venezuelan, Peruvian, Nigerian, Filipina, and so on. But without taking a risk, one never knows.

By the way, although Great Russian Empire is so great, Russian brides can be compared exactly to Filipina brides. It’s a sad fact but their actual situation is just like that.


Of course, Russian women in general are getting much better education, and are famous for their high IQ score. But their social and economical possibilities are as limited as if they lived in a prison.

Although some of them and especially scammers are exaggerating this fact and describing fake and ridiculous situations of total poverty, it’s mostly very real and has to be accepted.

Just like Filipinas, Russian women are happy to get a new smartphone, new clothes or shoes, but not because they’re spoiled chicks: very often, they really cannot afford that by themselves.

Now, is it decent to severely judge them, if that is their reality? Especially if one’s wish to help them out was sincere on the beginning, but the greed and sexual allegations have won.


Rich Russian women: do they exist?

Being driven by so-called common sense, many western men go as far as searching for a prosperous Russian businesswoman who would have American visa already and could pay for her ticket.

Honestly, Russia, Belarus, or Ukraine aren’t the best countries for that. Such a position makes us wonder, why those men aren’t attempting to date European women from developed countries.

However, some women from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, and other big cities do tend to have their own businesses, so all the project becomes real.

One just has to realize that not all of business owners are willing to relocate. Their interests are naturally rooted in Russia. But they may want romantic getaway from time to time.

Another category of Russian women who may have some funds, are the rich kids and / or top models. But they are rather interested in elite dating or sugar dating, than in equal relationships.

There are surely ways to attract a Russian Bimbo, or a sugar baby, without spending too much money. But it’s a risky adventure and demands a lot of preparation anyway.

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Dating single moms in Russia

There is a very strong negative stereotype in the west regarding single mothers and relationships with them. And it’s understood, taking into account the laws we mentioned.

American women’s mentality plays a big role in forming these stereotypes. They are already self-focused and materialistic enough even before the child’s birth, so imagine their actions after it.

They either turn to sharks able to destroy someone in the race to provide their offspring with the best stuff, or to ignorant cuckoos who want to continue living the way they did before.

American children also have all conditions and rights for showing off their ego. They know the lawyers will make their fathers pay all possible bills for them, including the University education.

So they don’t care a bit about step-fathers or their mom’s boyfriends who owe them nothing. They prefer to owe them nothing in return, complain about each their step, and be rude without reason.

But men who are very confident about not dating single moms, should understand that Russian fatherless families are very different from all described above. And here is why.

·      By Russian and Ukrainian law, a child’s father isn’t obligated to pay alimonies or see the kid officially, he can make a flexible agreement with a child’s mother.

·      Lots of Russian fathers disappear due to either heavy drinking or starting a new family. In both cases, they aren’t interested in communicating with their grown kids.

·      Children in Russia aren’t protected by anyone or anything, and due to this helplessness, they are usually very thankful even for the smallest kindness.

·      Slavic family values are still there, even if not followed by all adult men. Children are taught to respect older people, be well-mannered, read more books, remain modest etc.

·      Normally, Russian kids aren’t spoiled financially. Yes all of them want a smartphone with online games, like all children of the world, but that’s it, they won’t ask for more.

·      Russian and Ukrainian women are so fed up with the absence of fatherly attention in their own lives and their kids’ lives, that their thankfulness to a kind man has no limits.

As you can see, dating single moms in Russia differs from the same thing in the US a lot. As more as eighty percent of mail order brides are already divorced and have kids anyway.

It results into the fact that dating a single mom in Ukraine or Russia is much more low-budget than dating a never married local girl in America without children.

Again, Russia can be compared to the Philippines in this regard. Women of both nationalities cannot afford a good private education for their child by themselves, or even qualitative toys.

When they meet a western man who has the proper attitude and possibility to provide that, their natural devotion grows double and guarantees a strong lasting relationship.

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Categories of Russian wives and how to find them

Various men have various requirements to Russian brides, and their search should be based on those nuances for a better efficiency. There are certainly different categories of wives.

·      Housewife, a chef, a maid. Russian women are famous for these skills, but it’s better to search for this category in smaller towns where people are less ambitious.

·      Trophy wife. There are plenty of gorgeous, nearly flawless Russian mail order brides on dating sites. Some of them aren’t professional models so they’re less demanding.

·      Equal partner, a good buddy. Many Russian girls are down-to-earth and it can be seen from their casual photos so just be attentive and don’t miss them among the others.

Women of the housewife type often chose to work as babysitters abroad, as they do not dare to qualify for anything higher. However, it helps them  participate in a family budget.

Trophy wives are not keen on working at all, unless they’re highly demanded international models already. They need a man with a social status, otherwise marrying them is risky.

The good buddy category is one of the best options, since you can trust these women to be your business co-owners or workers, and this extra challenge won’t spoil your relationship.