Top 3 apps to meet Russian women of the highest quality

How to get a high class Russian girl?

Many things are said about Russian women, yet they remain the most enigmatic females on Earth. Are the western and Eastern European mentalities really that different?

Since it creates dozens of questions, dating experts decided to answer some of them, in order to make things clearer and finally bring two cultures closer which didn’t fully happen.

Let’s start from the biggest source of misunderstandings, sex tourism to Russia. No matter if you have practiced it successfully or not, you have the right for some explanations.

Although not absolutely each Russian woman is a lady with high IQ score who enjoys Dostoyevsky novels and Tchaikovsky music, they do tend to be very educated and refined.

Exactly that high class, along with physical beauty and naturally good shape, make them the best trophy wives in the world. It’s easy to Google how many oligarchs have Slavic wives.


No wonder mostly provincial or less gifted women become escort girls or casual sex seekers. Their only education is a dollar exchange rate, that’s from where we get so many gold diggers.

But it happens that educated and refined ladies in Russia and Ukraine want to hookup as well. One just needs to catch them at the right moment, and here are some of the examples.

Businesswomen often want to relieve all the daily stress and have a wild romantic getaway. It becomes a trend now to spend free time exactly with foreign boyfriends or casual partners.

If you want a high class Russian woman who can talk art and politics, make sure her business isn’t connected with selling the toilet bowls. She should deal with decent and qualitative stuff. 

Even the corporation shark shouldn’t scare you off since she is so damn smart, well-trimmed, epilated and perfumed everywhere you want, and she may surprise you in a bed a lot.

Such determined and ambitious Russian women like to experiment and try new things every now and then. You may become their personal trainer for a night or more!

Another pleasant bonus is that a businesswoman does not require any expensive courtship or payment. You just share pleasant moments together on mutual agreement.

Another possibility to catch a high quality lover in Ukraine or Russia is finding a woman who just had a breakup with her former lover. You can easily recognize this type in bars and clubs.

Unlike professional bar girls or golddiggers, such women do not seek a man’s company openly. They seem to be too down for that. But they want an affair to help erase bad memories.

Top quality women do not always go to elite restaurants and bars to drown their sorrows. In half of cases, they do, but you can also meet them in medium class places since they want to hide.

For example, if to talk about Odessa, you can meet chic ladies of two categories described above in Ibiza club, with one hundred percent guarantee. But also they go to plain karaoke clubs.

russian dating apps

Yet, it makes sense to keep on dating online as women use their phone applications even while sitting in a bar or in their office. It’s just convenient, and very effective.


Top 3 apps to find high quality women in Russia

Eastern European girls enjoy spending time with their gadgets all day just like Asians. But businesswomen, obviously, are way too occupied and serious for this.

So they check applications in the evening, when their work is over. It’s well-known in Russia and Ukraine that smart, qualitative women often remain alone, with no decent match around.

Thus, spending their free time in a bar or pub with a glass in one hand and a smartphone in another one isn’t rare at all. As an option, the same happens at their nice modern apartment.

No one considered before this particular category of Russian women as the most promising for international dating, but it’s just so. Want to visit those real ladies? Go ahead!

App no. 3. Badoo

Badoo is installed literally on each Ukrainian and Russian smartphone. It’s extremely easy to define a quality of the girl on Badoo. You just need to be attentive to details.

Even when the low-quality girls are trying their best, you’ll anyway recognize the non-brand clothes, cheap makeup, and a poor background that completely spoils the impression.

meet russian girls on apps

While qualitative chicks have a class even if they simply walk on the street. Even, those photos might be taken on a high-quality camera and look like a cover of the magazine.

Very often, such ladies post photos of their travels somewhere among the white sands or at fancy places. They wear good jewellery and their skin looks like they’re just from the SPA.

By the way, everyone should avoid non-prosperous women on Badoo since simple girls there often specialize in hunting for foreigners and luring them into a trap where men will be ripped off.

App no. 2. AnastasiaDate

No matter what people say about AnastasiaDate, it remains in the top. It isn’t cheap at all, and it involves intermediaries, but the quality of girls is traditionally very high.

Men who are suspicious or cautious in regard of scammers and catfishers, usually get calm after making sure a girl in videochat is real and her English is good enough.

So, although it’s an old style kind of acquaintance and one can find much more direct and easier ways to meet a Russian woman, AnastasiaDate still has the right for existence in the market.

App no. 3. Brilic

Brilic app is winning its positions so fast that no one can imagine international dating without it anymore. This title is heard everywhere and the users’ responses are more than positive.

The high quality women we talked about, chose this app exactly for being an elite platform. It’s a bit costly for men but it proves their ability to travel, court women, or build a new family.

It has no intermediaries, has nothing to do with local agencies or organized groups of scammers, no webcam girls, and its features are really very trendy and user-friendly.

Basically, all this is enough to make it number one app in the market, and a number one suitable platform for Russian women seeking western men’s companionship.


How to date on elite dating apps

Of course, online dating with high quality women has its own nuances. When you meet directly at the nightclub, you can make a proper impression, but Internet is trickier.

find real girls apps

First of all,real Russian ladies cannot be generalized, they all seek different things. Not all of them want a man with the status or materialistic things, it depends.

·      Some businesswomen are into cougar dating, they need someone younger, a cute guy without money. They can travel to his country or invite him at their own cost.

·      Others certainly want an equal man who can be called elite as well. They may want to get married or just hookup with someone decent, with similar values and habits.

·      Many high class Russian women do not care at all about details. They just want to kill the loneliness and spend a hot memorable night together, or even happy years together.

This last point is the key. Western men often have negative or limiting stereotypes regarding Russian dating. They do not realize how much Russian society changed lately.

Although it isn’t too feminist or career-oriented so far, Russia did make a big progress in its development since very traditional, archaic Slavic times or communistic times.

Businesses are growing, and women’s minds become more open. They want other kinds of partnership or family, and their plan often includes a westerner.

So the conditions are really favourable for catching a moment and finding the hottest Eastern European woman who could make all your dreams come true, in every meaning.